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Stop Starting and Start Doing?

Stop Starting and Start Doing?

Even though the new workshop is designed to get a micro biz up and running in about 4 weeks, there are multiple things necessary to make this happen. One is promoting your new little company and planning a launch. At this point, you might want to purchase and read The $100 Start Up by @chrisguillebeau – especially the part about the launch. There are other good books, but I like this one because it is inspirational and that is really half the battle in starting up a micro company. At any rate, there comes a time when you have to move beyond the actual “start up” activities and move into the marketing and promotion of the project, and this happens BEFORE the actual launch date. So while you are finishing the website, setting up social media, finalizing your product details, getting your shopping cart ready (if necessary), you have to actually start doing the work of bringing customers in.

This is a juggling act. So set aside about 30 minutes each and every day to promote your business (mostly online) and see if you can get some traffic moving in.

KEEP IN MIND – If you are reading this… this start-up is due to launch on April 1 (no kidding), and I started the set up on January 1. I just finished hooking up social media outlets to the website (which was built over the last couple of weeks). You are reading this blog because the social media campaign started today. You can track progress from here forward – and new startups are coming on board, so you can get caught up on all the exciting activities required to start a micro biz from the ground up.

Cheers! – Salut! – Viva! – Slainte! – Prost!