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Ever hear the story of the kid that made $30 million before he graduated from high school? Or the 14 year old that is making his first million in the first quarter of this year? What about the gal that cleared a whopping $70,000 a month after her idea hit it big? These are real stories about kids that started a business and got funding to leap into millionaire status.

These kids are part of a new breed known as “young entrepreneurs”. But they are not micro-entrepreneurs – at least not anymore. For every kid that got a $5 million loan, there were thousands (maybe millions) that got discouraged, didn’t follow through, or just didn’t have a feasible plan. At Global Training Foundation, we only train people to start a micro business, NOT how to get a business loan. Micro-entrepreneurs usually start a company with very little investment, and mostly work from their homes. This is ideal for kids that want to open a business. But it is not glamorous, trendy, epic, iconic, or any other type of cool. It is hard work and it will need the same type of attention as after school activities, sports or clubs. If you are motivated, you can probably start a business by working for yourself instead of watching TV. The fact is that all your success will be from you alone (and maybe some advice and help from your parents). If you succeed in your micro-business it will be a result of your hard work.

If this sounds like fun, maybe you can ask your parents for this course for a birthday present. Maybe you can get a loan from them, (but be sure to pay interest). If you have the money and can afford to purchase the course on your own, your parents still have to look at the program and give consent if you are under 18. If you and your family cannot afford the program, you may be able to get a grant through Global Training Foundation. After you join the course, you will have a step-by-step list of things to do along with assignments and quizzes just like an online course in school. If you complete the course, you will end up with a business and a website – we will provide guidance and help mentor you, but you will need to do the work yourself.

You can sign up to take the first module just to see if you like the course and think you can finish it before you make a decision.  Register here.