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Micro-Entrepreneurship – Want it or Need it?

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Micro-Entrepreneurship – Want it or Need it?

In our experience there are two types of micro-entrepreneurs. Lots of micro-entrepreneurs already have a product or service in mind. In many cases they have been providing a service or making a product for a while. It might be a hobby – something they just love to do. Maybe they’re talented and some respect and feel like making money at it would be wonderful. If you have family and friends that are telling you that you have a “great idea” or that “you could really make some money at this”, chances are you have what it takes to be a successful micro-entrepreneur. These types of micro-entrepreneurs have been thinking about going into business for quite some time – but they have been reluctant to jump into owning a business. Others have no idea how to really get started. Global Training Foundation welcomes you. But you are not why we built this program.

We built the micro-entrepreneurship program for individuals who need an additional income or just can’t get a job outside the home (for whatever reason). We started with the flagship resume-building course, serving transitioning veterans – but we quickly realized that not every person can actually get a job that wants one. We found that many returning veterans couldn’t hold down a full time job due to a physical, mental or emotional disability. In some cases, their hometown just didn’t have jobs available and relocating wasn’t an option. For these folks – and lots of others, making a living means carving out an occupation from the strength and resources that come from within oneself. Micro-entrepreneurship doesn’t require lots of money – but it requires lots of time and effort. You don’t have to be super smart, but you have to be dedicated, enthusiastic and motivated. You don’t need a great education – but you do need to be able to communicate effectively with your market and explain your value proposition. This value comes from within the micro-entrepreneur – what he or she produces – and the value those products and services bring to the lives of others.